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RE:What Did Rand Paul Gain?

August 15, 2012

You don’t change Washington, Washington changes you. Exhibit A: Rand Paul. We have to save ourselves. We are the only ones, whose best interests it is to do so… Some people realized this wayyy before the 2nd campaign. Like when the previous campaign did the EXACT same thing! Remember! Only problem now is, they had no trojan horse like the Rally for the Republic, that they could point out to people and say THAT is where the money went… I love RP but, the campaign was 0 for 2 for him, and there was NO EXCUSE after this happened the first time. For every new person we may have gained, we lost two more, especially after some turned their back on the grassroots, and leapt onto the Brand Paul machine, before Ron’s campaign was over, at least in his supporters minds. Ron has to be held accountable for the lack of message control and control of his campaign staff. I’m sorry but if he cannot stop this from self destructing a second time, he is not qualified to be President. Presidents have to be held accountable for what goes down in their administration and in their name. Ron has been absent. He is a speaker and a scholar, not a Executive branch leader. Rand made his bed, probably with Ron’s blessing. But it betrayed the principle OF his movement. That damage cannot be repaired. Rand now is just another politician. He is not his father. That means the movement is dead. The cronies and the government have all the cards, and we are at the end of the stick. Until we demand that changes, nothing can or will effectively change. It’s a harsh truth, but it has more bearing in reality than what we are hearing from Brand Paul, and those who are putting all their chips in a miracle for Ron, that does not now, nor ever has existed.

You will never be successful depending and appealing to those with a monopoly of force to put YOUR self interest above THEIR own…



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