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The Land Is Our Heritage

July 17, 2012

We should be compensated for the loss of use of our property, hence the plan put forward in “Agrarian Justice.” And reserve the right to have those responsible for destroying the land, punished accordingly through full financial responsibility, and/or the loss of that companies charter to do business in that area, as the people see fit.

If we have no right to the world how it exists in it’s natural state. And corporations have rights to exploit the natural state to rob us of our heritage, and right to use our lands as we see fit, then you are putting corporate fascists governance ahead of the natural state. Exploiting the land beyond repair, irreparably harms the people and their right to use and access the land.

You have a natural right to have what was given to you at birth. Access to clean air, water, these are natural rights. They preexisted man. And they exist in the natural state……


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