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RE: Jack Hunter and his “Ilk”

July 16, 2012

Everybody misses the point of “allowed to be free.” My point is expecting a self-interested party who derives their power from exploiting people, to assist you or allow you to take that power from them is insane. What do you expect to happen? Of course they will lie, cheat, steal and beat you… You are submitting to their authority by playing by their rules. Even the ones they make up on the fly to keep you in your place… and powerless…

I’ve seen people give money they don’t have, time they sacrificed, and effort following “the strategy of the week” only to see the money unused, the effort woefully mismanaged, through negligence in the best case, and design in the worst case.

People of virtue cannot win a corrupt and rigged game. You need an in, we don’t have. Why do you think they all rally to “stop those Ron Paul people?” They don’t want the system to end, their livelihood depends on it.

I never said armed. Non Compliance is civil disobedience. Have you read about Gandhi or Martin Luther King? I love Tom Woods, he questioned the “strategy” and got taken to the woodshed for asking questions WE ALL wanted answers too. I love the Judge, but notice his success comes at a price. Mainly in the form of minders like Austin “Rules for Radicals“/Conspiracy Hunter” Peterson running the Judge’s Facebook page, posting as him, then using his personal page to attack and demagogue those who disagree with him and “the Strategy.”

I liked Jack too, but found his purging of the Ron Paul camp equally disturbing, but even worse was his latest communique where he admits Ron Paul winning “was never the goal…” Excuse me. We pay your salary and you spend that money criticizing us for trying to WIN AN ELECTION!!! My bad. I’m glad you got a new website out of it… Trouble is how do I live in the decaying welfare/warfare state, when I don’t have somebody else’s donors paying my salary so I can tell them they are crap.

I don’t care if you want to spend time and money fighting the GOP. If you have the time and the money, it’s your right to spend both as YOU see fit! But I do not expect ANYTHING to change from Washington DC, you don’t change DC, DC changes YOU! Just look at Rand…

The system is what is killing our society. Propping it up won’t work. They tried it in Russia. Sooner or later, with every kind of socialism, you run out of other people’s money.

People have to come up with alternative means to survive. That means food co ops. That means offering incentives for skilled workers to come to live and work in your town. That means preserving order by providing food, clean water, and shelter to those who need it, to prevent crime and expansion of the police state. None of this involves government. We have to do it ourselves, because WE are the ONLY ones with the incentive to save ourselves. No politician will put their guilded life on the line and sacrifice one thing so that you can make a living. The system is broken and must end.

The Corporation of the US must die so that the Republic can be preserved. Anything that distracts us from this goal leads us to depend on a system that has already condemned us to a most despicable fate. Politics is not now, nor ever has been the answer. Politics is keeping you silent through the illusion of choice and the albatross of implied consent. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity. It’s time for the people to not comply to take their power back. Don’t pay taxes. Don’t comply with unconstitutional mandates. Keep the money at the state level and send DC only what is left to fulfill Article 1, Section 8, and leave the rest to the states and the local level.

We have to shift from a fraud based economy to one that is based on value. An Infrastructure Bank is a good idea. Create incentives to produce things that have value. And provide a service to the community that is locally controlled. Without debt based financing. Bring back honest money under the Coinage Act. These are actions that can we can return to, to make this country great.

But what do we hear from Hunter and his ilk? Donate money for the delegate strategy! Become a Republican! Get beat up, thrown in jail, and pay the unlawful fine and to replace damaged or stolen property! Promote a strategy as a fundraising tool, and end the campaign. Allow the money to be controlled by people like Jesse Benton. No oversight. (Just like the last campaign). Don’t learn from your mistakes or hold anyone accountable for their actions! “Think the “long view,” and be silent. Trust us!” Meanwhile anyone who has a problem with this gets called out and excommunicated from self-proclaimed “Freedom Ninja’s” like Austin Peterson… Really…. Really?

Again, if that is the road you choose to achieve “liberty,” great! Don’t call anybody else out if they don’t think that taking orders from the establishment and those who aspire to become a part of it, choose to wash their hands of the BS, and go their own way. Trying to figure out how to survive the mess for the next four years, that nobody will do a damn thing to slow down, let alone end.

To ask people in their hour of need to protect the corrupt system over themselves, and to take resources they don’t have and may never have again, to invest in “Hoping” for “Change” this time… just doesn’t seem appropriate anymore. People need to prepare for what is coming, they can barely afford what is already here… And the message they keep being told is: “Wait, the Calvary is coming…” Well, after eight years we get: Mitt Romney. For the people on the margins, clearly it now is every man or woman for themselves. And brother, they deserved better than this. Another betrayal. I didn’t “do” any of this, they did it to themselves. People have a right to be pissed. You can only be told to “wait” so much before you are overrun… and conquered. How much longer do you wish to tell others to “Hope for Change!?!” The GOP will NOT save you, acting against their own self interests! YOU have to save YOURSELF! And encourage others to do the same. Ron Paul is not now, nor ever claimed to be a deity, he was a man whose role was to call people to look at the truth. WE have to take it from here. WE are the only one’s who can or will save ourselves. But the paradigm has to change. Debt, big government authoritarianism and all that emanates from it, need us to participate to keep it alive… We choose to take our power back, it ends… But how can we, when we “outsource” our responsibility for ourselves onto gurus, sponsors, or super secret and ever-changing “strategies of the week!” Hey that reminds me, you wanna sponsor my blog… Ah forget it, I’ll just ask Mitt Romney since he’s such a nice guy and “on the same team…” I’ll tell him to “Think of it as a “long view/term investment…,” LOL!


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