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Now, finally it all makes sense…

July 15, 2012

“That Ron Paul will not be president is of little concern to me. I fought as hard as anyone on the campaign to make this happen, but from the very beginning I’ve never considered it the be-all-end-all goal of this campaign and this movement.” –Jack Hunter.

When your not trying to win, you sabotage yourself, pick fights with supporters, and turn a noble cause into a business.…

I will conclude with this question for Jack and his ilk: “When will we be allowed to be free?” 5 years, 10, 50, 100? How much more must we endure, and try to survive, until we get the permission we are waiting for to be free? If we are not trying to change our fate for the better, shouldn’t our limited resources be better allocated at survival in the long run. If politics, money and effort give us the false promise of tomorrow. What are we to do for today? Just Hope for Change? Support those who work the system who may or may not be allowed to put forth legislation that would help others instead? We have to continue to play ball with the political class, the financial class, the religious elite, the media thought manipulators, and the ideologically albatrossed, with the faint hope that maybe their preselected representative of the elite, will permit us a fraction of the liberty and freedom that is our birthright?

If this is the plan for the future, count me out. Tell it to the people who are starving and homeless, and unemployed. Tell it to the working poor who have to pay rent and bills working 10 hours a week. Tell it to the college graduates who are debt slaves to the mutinational bankers. Tell it to the elderly who will surely die due to rationed health care, and in poverty to pay the insurance companies, just like the young who will never be middle class for the same reason. Tell it to the troops overseas who are brutalized physically, and traumatized emotionally and cognitively so much that they cannot function in society and are left slaves to psychotropic drugs and funding the big pharma medical industrial complex. Tell it to the families who are suffocating under the inflation that is endemic in our monetary system that is scientifically flawed to create debt slaves and transfer wealth from the poor and shrinking middle class to the very rich and elite of society. Tell it to the people who are taxed and have funds given to research to make technologies and products that they will never be able to afford in order to benefit from, while the elite get them practically for free… This system is irrevocably broken and must come to an end.

You can submit to authority, ideology, orthodoxy, oligarchy, hierarchy, and the orders of the day. Or you can take your power back by refusing to comply. Period.

Not with health care. Not with multinational banks. Not with media that call on patriotism, racism, jingoism, not with self-serving educational systems that reinforce these false ideologies… Just do not comply. Take your power back, and stop asking for permission to be free. Anyone who asks for permission or somebody else to do something for them, is already a slave… It’s time to move on. We can not live in the past, only change ensures the possibility of survival. This current system is wholly inadequate and must therefore end. The first step is blanket Non Compliance… But you must have the self-determination like the founders, to do whatever it takes to live free. And not wait for permission from others to do so… No more waiting. No more excuses. The time is NOW!!!


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