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My reply to Jack Hunter

June 16, 2012

Washington is a cesspool… that compromises everyone. I stand with people like Ron Paul and Charles Key. Put teeth in the 9th and 10th Amendment and Nullify any federal laws outside of Article 1, Section 8. Tom Woods has it right. Enumerated powers act, states collecting taxes and sending Washington a check (if any) AFTER they meet their obligations, instead of the other way around. Refusing to carry out ANY unconstitutional or unfunded mandate from DC… these actions, and those like them would restore the Republic and Liberty. States can do this. All that is needed is statesmen to come forward and act on Rep. Key and Dr. Paul’s example. The establishment never has to compromise… They just compromise you, and give you your own slush fund or other form of blackmail to keep you quiet and in line… We need statesmen like Dr. Paul, not politicians or those who aspire to be one. In the “Greatest Depression” who can afford for Washington to find it in their interest, to put the interest of others, ahead of themselves? Why do you think reform is blocked and change is miniscule if ever enacted? This kind of action or inaction, is what has led us to our state today. We have homeless, unemployed, poverty and the only bipartisan bills are directed at protecting the political class, and the wealthy class against those people. How does the “long view” help them? And how does it help keep from enlarging their numbers to a point where government itself becomes unsustainable? You can’t have record corporate welfare AND record social welfare programs on top of a reduced base of taxpayers, since the poor can’t pay and the rich don’t have to… If left unattended this crisis WILL threaten the union. As the problem with any form of socialism or welfarism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.


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