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My Super Tuesday

March 10, 2012

My Super Tuesday voting experience was unexpectedly upsetting. Thankfully my preferred canidate was on the ballot, and I  could carry out my part in casting a vote for him. Granted I have no guarantee that my vote was counted, but that is out of my control. Upon leaving after completing my “civic duty” I was given an “I Voted” sticker and sent my way. As I walked the few blocks to my house from the polling location an emotion came over me.

Suddenly like a fever I was getting hot, angry, and visibly upset to the point of shaking and stuttering my speech. Why did this emotion come over me? Where did this come from? I can only venture a guess that what brought on my sudden crisis of conscience was the fact that it finally sunk in to me, deeply, the absolute powerlessness of what I was compelled to do by the media, peers, and the larger society as a whole. I was being compelled to become emotionally and financially invested in a canidate, give my attention, effort and other kinds of support to that individual, and told that “hey if he doesn’t win, at least you voted.”

This implying my role, my issues, my grievances should go unanswered and unaddressed, simply because a group of people, either the voters, or those in positions of power in the party, the media, or others believe that since my views did not “win” at the ballot box, they are no longer relevant and that I need to conform to supporting the victor because “that other guy is SO bad, we cannot let him win!”

Ok, so if that is the case, what did I just do? I gave consent to be judged by others and if they did not agree, I was expected to like Bill O’Reilly loves to say: “Shut UP, and get behind the President.” Ok, then what is the point of even bothering to vote? Why am I participating in a system through my consent, just to be ignored, villified and attacked on the basis of my values and beliefs?

It’s a lie. The whole notion of electing others to speak on behalf of us, it’s a lie. We are tricked into allowing others to continue with agendas that are in direct opposition to our public interests and self interests, because we are told that we have no right to complain because we voted (i.e. implied consent by participating).

It’s the same thing with the Income Tax. “Yeah I hate paying it, there all crooks”, but you pay. Social Security? The self described “Greatest Generation” who had the GI bill, Social Security, and later Medicaid and Medicare, that same generation is clamoring at the Next Generation as “freeloaders” and unpatriotic for not wanting to pay an income tax, or fight in elective wars against our neighbors. Who’s the freeloader here? Who’s benefits are being cut?  And by whom? Who is compelled to pay into the system, that has already been bankrupt by politicans of that “Great Generation” who have given us record unsustainable spending, expansive social programs and war campaigns… all on their children’s and their children’s children’s credit card?

The plain truth is that as long as we can be tricked into mass participation in “contest” such as voting, we cede our authority to those in power, give up our role and ability to affect change to improve our society, and shut down, either disenfranchised because our views are no longer “in the mainstream” considered worthy to be addressed, or perhaps even more sinister, the individual who “we” selected to have that power… ignored our stated will, and why we put them in power, no sooner than we granted it to him. Even under the best case scenario the elected President has a peverse incentive to IGNORE his base and go after the moderates and the voters of the party in opposition to achieve a 2nd term, which then paradoxically gives the President a free hand to not do anything, and wait out the clock til he can shift the responsibility for what is wrong from himself and his party, and convienently use it by projecting blame on his opposition and their party. Bottom line, there is no incentive to make things better, only progressively worse. Even the most abysmal President in the new century (yes, that is saying a lot!) already has adopted this tactic towards his disenfranchised “base” of support, claming: “If you think I’m bad, just wait til THESE guys are in charge!” And mediocrity continues. The people withdraw, resigned to their fate, the rich get richer, the poor expand, and the middle class gets to pay the cost of doing business. It has to change.

Instead of blindly acting on faith on behalf of false promises politicians either have no intent or ability to fufill, why can’t we simply take the authority of their power over us, and bring it back to were it can be used for who it truly belongs, on behalf of the people? It is “We the People” not the corporations or political parties, or any other assemblage of persons or groups of persons who have the power to institute change for the better.

We simply cannot to afford to wait for the next election. We can’t wait for the Depression to get bigger, the Wars to expand, the Appropriations to get larger, the exemptions to the Corporations to eat up more of our national wealth and influence. We can’t wait for our national debt to get so prohibitive to the point that our soverignity is acquired, “hostely taken over” to international bodies, such as multinational bankers and corporations that see profit as their only incentive, and see any good or service that competes with that as their enemy. Even if the people demand it. We can’t wait for the next President to target his political opponents, designate them as terrorists, and capture them, detain them (In privately owned and operated, taxpayer funded prisons), torture them (or render them to places that will torture them), or apparently even kill them.

We cannot stand for the ability of the government who isn’t even elected by a majority of the people, to seize our assets, our financial information, our medical information, determine who we can hire and fire, what we sell, when we sell, and who we sell to. We cannot stand for unlimited surveilance on the people and none on the politicans who are corrupted by kickbacks, nepotism, financial or sexual blackmail, drug abuse, tax evasion, having their family members or staff work in the defense sector, the media sector, the drug industry, the energy industry, only to reenter politics and run as canidates themselves, representing those interests at the expense of the people, or to curry favor and influence with their associates on Capitol Hill. That is not what the people send their representatives to go to Washington for, and certainly not to use what they learn in Classified briefings to Congress to further their personal buisness or financial interests through contracts and insider trading.

This system must end. It must be ground to a halt, by mass non participation and showing it’s illegitamicy. We must take agressive non violent action to no longer give those in power, unlimited power and dominion over us, to decide for us, how we are to live our lives in peace. That is the only true hope for a future for America and her people… Who will stand up and make it happen, and get involved in their own way to truly live free? Do we value our liberty enough to take it, to live it, and keep it as our own? Or are we so afraid by what those in power and influence tell us, that we are comfortable taking them at their word that they will do what is best for us, even if it involves losing the right to speak freely, assemble, ask for a redress of grievances, work where we want, read what we want, watch what we want, eat or drink what we want, educate our children as we choose, believe as we choose, and basically have the freedom and autonomy that the government was established to protect, as long as we do not result to acts of force or fraud against our fellow man? Are those people still out there, does the fire for liberty still burn deep inside? Or are we too comfortable in our ideological prison, where we can escape responsibility and accountablity for our actions, just as long as we let those in power, escape responsibility and accountability for theirs as well.

This is the paradox of attempting nobely to appeal to those with the same kind of thinking that created the problem, to solve the problem. This is accurately characterized by “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” That is the most commonly referred to defintion for insanity.

We can no longer afford for those in power to “try harder” or to “get it right, THIS time.” That season has passed. Too many are hurting, and those who are next agree that we urgently can no longer afford to wait. This urgency is what enveloped me, as soon as I walked out of the voting booth, and shook me to my core. We can’t depend on those outside of ourselves to do what is in our best interest. Only we can be trusted to do so. As the powerful attempt to seize more of your property and take away more of your rights, We, The People MUST band together to confront anyone or anything that comes to rob us of our freedom to choose, to associate and create anything of intrinsic or actual value that is necessary to leading a sustainable existence that is vital and essental to maintaining the necessary tranquility that breeds peace and progress. Anything that distracts us, even for a moment from achieving this reality, this awakening to what is truly just, and what truly belongs to each and every one of us, that is our legacy to our children, is an unecessary distraction and will hopelessly sidetrack us from our goal to realize our God given natural right to live freely, and help one another, without being compelled to give what we don’t have, and take actions that are against our will and that of the individual acted upon. Nothing else truly matters. For this principle is the only just and self sustaining principle capable of keeping each and every one of us free, and returns that gift to our children and future generations.


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