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Downright Lunacy!

Downright Lunacy!.

Downright Lunacy!

FB: So how’s it feel to know that you’ll be voting for Romney in about two years?

FB: welcome hillary

FWO Come on Billy! Hilliary has been “conservative” longer than Mitt has…!!! LOL!

FB: right — scary is that people who think the (D) party is like the 70′s its not at all nether is the (R) party its 1 BIG GOVERNMANT GIG

FWO But, but, but, Rand Paul will save us. All he has to do is be “the freedom zen master” telling the GOP what they want to hear so HE can change things, just like JFK did, and NOT get killed… See, it’s JUST that easy! Amazing how nobody else EVER thought to try it. Usually we get the Constitution candidate like Obama, and he becomes a monster. Rand has to become the monster so he can THEN be the candidate for the people… (Yeah, I know, I didn’t beLIEve it, either!)

Romney is owed big time. He brought down Ron Paul… But to be fair Ron Paul’s campaign did most of the work, both times… So I guess it’s a toss up between Rand and Romney? And only one bullet in the chamber. Maybe the goal IS to get the people to off themselves and save everybody the trouble. It’s in line with the “pray you don’t get sick” Romneycare plan.

A Puppet Learns To Love His Strings

A Puppet Learns To Love His Strings.

A Puppet Learns To Love His Strings

I say then run for Prime Minister of Israel you Zionist piece of SHIT!

“Freedom can only be realized with self-restraint…” Corporations naturally are exempt.

The only “synthesizing of freedom and tradition in the Constitution” was to extend the absence of freedom in the name of continuing that “tradition.” Jesus Christ, how many mixed metaphors can your speechwriter come up with Randal?

Protect the unborn, unless they become, lazy, pot smoking anarchist libertarians…LOL. You have the right to exist, as long as you conform. We got it.

You can’t reform foreign policy, and “support Israel” with a blank check and fight the fights they pick themselves with their neighbors. Israel is NOT US national security, dumbass! You are talking out of both sides of your mouth, yet again!

The entire war on terror which targets Muslims who live in resource rich environments, where multinational corporations make BILLIONS of dollars and politicians get contributions directing who gets the contracts, is as much a direct assault on Arabic nations, as anything else, and Mr. Orwell here has the unmitigated GALL to call it a “War on Christianity!” I’m sorry, can you name one Iraqi, Pakistani, or Afghan who has invaded and occupied the Holy lands of Christianity, let alone the US? It’s okay, I’ll wait…

Yes, halt all aid to Arabs, and keep money flowing to Israel. So they can be even more of a bully to their neighbors and create the permanent instability where the only recourse is violence against oppression. Did you ever hear your father talk about “Blowback…” Did you EVER pay attention!

Yes we declare yet another war on abortion to save life. Of course anything you need that sustains life…. forget it. My donors stole too much money and need to stay in business to we need to balance the budget on the backs of the poor…. simply put, they aren’t my constituents, and don’t support me, or my naked partisan ideology, Fuck em, one and all. I have a right to my privileges and subsides, the rest of you, we simply cannot afford. Tough Shit. Jesus, W. was more “compassionate”!

Life begins at conception, and ends when you turn 18. Or are poor.

This is downright ugly… He is in bed with the zealots, Christian and Zionist. I wash my hands of him, and walk away….

People Don’t Want Their Illusions Destroyed

People Don't Want Their Illusions Destroyed.

People Don’t Want Their Illusions Destroyed

Short lesson on what the duties of the president are and what the duties of congress are. This man is a viable candidate to run for president, he gets it. Why don’t the rest of them get it? FB

If you think one man is the key to your freedom, you will forever be a slave! FWO

I don’t think one man is the key to freedom but when someone understands what is going on like he does, then I will back him. This country has a constitution and Trey Gowdy understands it. FB

The Constitution exists to protect the property owners from those without property. If you don’t have means or own property, you have no rights. That is the Constitution. The system is NOT broken, it is working exactly as it was intended. To protect the wealth class from the underclass. Gowdy is no more independent than Rand Paul is for that matter. They all depend on the power structure for their privilege. Just ask Ron Paul about that. FWO

What do you suggest is the alternative? FB

To worshiping the system of your enslavement. Freedom. But that would demand that people take responsibility for themselves, each other, the commons, no clearly we are not mentally equipped to handle that. So let’s keep going with the illusion of such where we are given “choices” prepared by others, for their own interests, and attack each other over who’s self interest is better for me to be beholden to. And call it freedom. When autonomy becomes a dirty word, you are living in your own self inflicted tyranny. Is it any surprise we cling to the “strong man” in the crowd, every time? If we we’re free, why would we need one. You can’t call for freedom and embrace liberty embracing and enforcing the mechanism of eliminating it.

Look where this brings us. Instead of asserting our natural rights and using our voice to pull charter’s for corrupt corporations. Not funding corrupt politicians. Not looking to people outside of ourselves to save us from ourselves… We are idolizing a man who is only speaking out to make it seem like there is a difference between the two parties, and that you have a choice and a voice in what they do. How long has Obama been in office. NOW they care! Wonderful. I guess we get to be free after they decide it’s worth it for them. And once they are in office and in power we need to SHUT UP to support them from the evil enemy. Even when they capitulate like Rand with the NDAA and “succeed by being defeated.” Yeah, if that is your record and election time is near, you BETTER find differences or at least make some up, and make some noise, because if you don’t, people are gonna ask you WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, since nothing ever changes! “Yeah Obama is terrible, the Democrats are awful, but we can’t fight now, we gotta get reelected every two years and least we hurt Rand’s chances in 2016,” to take orders from the very same people Obama does. If that is victory, it’s a hollow victory, and none of this theater does a DAMN thing to help the thousands of people in need with insecure food, housing, etc. THAT they will NOT talk about. What affects REAL people every DAMN day, no, we get crap like this, where they talk tough after letting Obama and the Democrats and the Corporations rape the people and loot the resources of this land, and bring that right to conquest to the people’s of other lands, in the name of “patriotism.” Garbage.Keep giving up your authority and calling that freedom. And watch as the rest of us, and maybe one day even yourself, get cast away, with no rights, no property, and no right to life, nor that which sustains life. See if the The United States Constitution protects you then. See if Trey Gowdy or Rand Paul come to your door and stop the government from taking everything, or the bank etc. Because if they aren’t doing it NOW, how are they gonna do it when they are in power THEN.

Yes because we all know how Obama was gonna be the savior in 2012. You folks will be subjected to the exact amount of tyranny that you tolerate. Now, you are instead of learning from your mistake, you are looking for a new guy, to repeat it. Pathetic. Did he stand up to Obama from the get go? Where the hell has he been. Could it be that they need to look like there actually is a difference between the 2 parties since the midterms are coming up. And by doing this, they get you to forget about all they agree on, so you can reelect them so they can keep doing what they have been doing. What is past is prologue. This is Bull. They are only fighting to save their position, they don’t give a DAMN about you. They never did. It’s not in the job description… YOU are not who funds them. YOU DON’T MATTER! They only want you to keep their privileges going while they vote to eliminate YOURS. Wake the HELL UP! FWO

(How the) Well (off) fare

(How the) Well (off) fare.