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“Downtrend Indeed…”

"Downtrend Indeed…".

“Downtrend Indeed…”


“For anyone that just got done paying your taxes and are in a surly mood, don’t read this article, it’ll only enrage you further. If you work a full-time job in the private sector, congratulations, you are one hell of a philanthropist. More than half of the federal taxes you pay go to fund benefits for someone else. You are one of 86 million employees that subsidize the 148 million benefit recipients in America.

–How much goes to Corporate Welfare, Downsizing, Corporation Tax cuts, Military spending which exists to create new markets and control existing markets, allowing them to do business with the top multinational corporations… Are THOSE counted… And doesn’t being a taxpayer entitle you to those benefits? We ALL pay payroll tax, Medicare, Medicaid, not to mention the inflation tax every time our government borrows money from the Federal Reserve Bank, to give to Corporations to provide services at cost, while privatizing profits, and socializing any incurred losses…

“Terence P. Jeffrey did a wonderful piece for, which shows how few working Americans are bearing the brunt of the responsibility for supporting the democrat’s social safety net. You should definitely read it, but here’s the gist:

103,087,000 people work full-time, year-round in the United States. Of that number, 16,606,000 work for the government. Since taxpayers pay the salaries of government workers, Jeffrey discounts this number as irrelevant to the argument. What we are left with is 86,429,000 Americans who work full-time in the private sector or are self-employed.

– Yes, you paying for government workers is off the table.

“Counting those on welfare, food stamps, living in public housing, receiving Medicaid, getting unemployment insurance, and every other social program you can think of, there are 147,802,000 benefit takers in America. That does not count the 3,178,000 veterans that receive benefits because I think we can all agree that the men and women of our military have more than earned what they receive.

– So the record corporate profits and tax breaks and tax refunds GE gets are off the table. The profits from military contractors and the graft and the claims against the men and women in uniform who were electrocuted in the shower in a base in Iraq, that is not to be discussed, or even held accountable for, or acknowledged. That money is patriotic, and is to be sacrosanct. Got it.

Those who come back, surviving the horrible food, weaponized toxic vaccinations, to where their children have horrific birth defects, and the many rape survivors, male and female, yeah, let’s just avoid touching that as well and sweep it under the rug with money.

“So, bottom line: 86,429,000 of us are busting our asses to pay the benefits of 147,802,000 other people. I understand that some of that number represents disabled folks and others that are truly needy. I’m fine with that, but the bulk of benefit receivers are able-bodied and choose not to pull their own weight.

– Did this guy ever hear of technological unemployment?

It’s NOT a question of “able-bodied choos(ing) not to pull their own weight”

Through cost efficiency due to the need to guarantee maximum profit… Mechanization is on the road to ELIMINATING 75% of the CURRENT labor force! A labor force, mind you, which ALREADY is at its lowest participation rate since the Depression.

“Let’s put this into further perspective by heading over to the Center On Budget And Policy Priorities to see where our federal tax dollars go:

19% goes to defense. I’m fine with this. I believe in a strong national defense and don’t cry about my minimal contribution to it.”

–Again the waste, fraud and abuse of the defense (OFFENSE) industry which supports an empire of 900+ military bases in 150 countries overseas… let’s NOT talk about that!

17% goes to various programs that include veteran’s benefits, education, infrastructure, and research. Again, no complaints from me about this piece of the pie.

– Yes, avoid the horrific human cost of the warfare state. The lost potential and productivity… And never mind the research and infrastructure and FREE cost of this, with it being sponsored and paid in full BY THE TAXPAYER in subsides to public institutions on behalf of corporations, while ANY useful innovation found WILL be patented, privatized and brought to market, at cost, for only the benefit of those who can pay for it, at (high) cost, AFTER they already paid for it, in taxes.

“6% goes to paying interest on the national debt. I’d like a better monetary system in this country, but until that happens, we have to pay our bills.

– But WHO do we owe this debt TOO? Could it be the cost of the money from the Federal Reserve, that we supposedly OWN! Why do we have to pay THIS back?

“Okay, so far we have 42% of our tax dollars going to things that are good, necessary, and benefit the country.

What about the remaining 58%? Check this out:

24% goes to social security. Before you say that people getting SS benefits have paid into the system and earned the money they get, ask yourself why nearly a quarter of every tax dollar you pay goes to fund this. It’s supposed to be a self-financing program, but clearly it’s not because there’s way too many people who never paid a dime to FICA pulling down checks.”

–I got a BIGGER theft than that buddy. Since the Federal Reserve system in 1913, the US Dollar has LOST 98% of its value.

A dollar in 1913 is now worth $23.87 a 2286.8 INCREASE in inflation and LOSS of value and purchasing power.

So for every dollar they took from your parents and grandparents in SS. They KEPT 22.87 for themselves. As the government, since they are partnered with the Fed, often gets the new money first, and the inflation filters out through the system, and punishes the savers, and those on fixed incomes who have to pay the higher prices, with less capital. Tell me again about the “takers” punishing “the makers” and that “there’s way too many people that never paid a dime to FICA pulling down checks.”

“22% goes to Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP. These are pre-ObamaCare numbers. Why do we need socialized medicine, when we already have it? Or, why do we have to pay higher health insurance premiums to pay for something we already pay for with our taxes? This one bugs me the most.”

–Because DUMBASS you didn’t bring competition to the system, you subsidized an already profitable system! That is what happens when you use law to create an artificial monopoly, and invite the health care industry to write the self-serving legislation, with the ability to funnel that money back into the policymakers in our “free market” campaign finance election laws… I mean economy. And remember according to the Supreme Court in “Citizens United” corporations ARE people, with the same right to lobby, take tax exemptions and lobby for cuts and exemptions from policy, from policy makers, in effect rigging the “free market” in their favor, in perpetuity!

“12% goes to the social safety net. These are all of the government handouts the democrats are so fond of and they cost us almost $400 billion a year.”

–With record unemployment, what happens to “the makers” if “the takers” take the rest? And the police is cut back because of austerity? Just think and reflect on THAT for a moment, if you please!

“So there you have it. 86 million Americans work hard to pay $1.9 trillion dollars in benefits to 148 million others every single year.

How is this fair? How is this a workable model for an economy? Eventually, the needy will grow beyond the working people’s ability to support them. When that happens, the country will collapse.”

– But this self-appointed know it all, thinks his ass is in the clear, because he backs the boys with money.

Yeah, that’s just what Astor thought, when he boarded the Titanic, and what those Wall St. money changers thought, just before the plane hit the towers.

Did money save them then? Can it save them now?


Either we deal with scarcity and inequality, or we ALL go down with it.

This crap aint fixing a thing.

Not for either side.

“We’re In A Lot Of Trouble”

“We’re In A Lot Of Trouble”.


“We’re In A Lot Of Trouble”

Michael Ruppert died, Michael Ruppert was the writer/researcher of and the author of “Crossing the Rubicon” and the man who confronted John Deutch and blew the whistle on CIA running drugs in and out of the United States.. and he blew his head off two days ago…. We’re in a lot of trouble!

So an old white man died. What’s that got to do with the price of Gold and Silver, right? And why is that woe to us, we’ll I’ll tell you why. Because half of you reading this right now, read and get information from large multinational corporations. Who control everything you read, see and think. And  the rest of you are so suspicious with anything you hear that you don’t question anything that comes from sources you do agree with. You don’t ask questions, you don’t do your own research, you take their word alone, just on the basis of if you agree with what they are telling you, and you are satisfied with that and HAPPY with that. And having the comfort of those who think just like you, and you alone… Because all you know comes from the same people, with the same views and allegiance to those views and if ANYONE contradicts these views you viciously attack them, and try to get others to do the same. Defending and enforcing a belief system, instead of the facts. Substituting your version of the truth for that which actually IS true.

The ideology is the gospel, the only truth. The self-perpetuating ideologies are what molds us and turns us into little spokes of little wheels, being pedaled by self-appointed masters…. Fighting propaganda with self-professed ideologies that serve the same purpose to separate and divide and conquer the masses is the most awesome, god-dammed mechanism for self censorship, and self sabotage in this whole godless world, and if we allow it to rest comfortably into the hands of the wrong people… who KNOWS what kind of Bullshit will be peddled for truth out there in society. Who knows what idea, of liberty, of freedom, of human rights, and responsibilities that come with those rights, will be enforced upon the masses of humanity today? And that is why woe is us that Michael Ruppert died.

Because now, this idea of liberty and what it is, belongs to Rand Paul, and Alex Jones, and Jesse Benton, and Michael Nystrom. It belongs to FOX News… it belongs to the preacher’s of the Moneytaryist mythology, and Adam Smith, and Neo liberals like Rothbard, and von Mises… and the old Thatcherites… and established social and political order that they serve and still serve.

So you listen to me… Listen to me… These people are not the truth. Some of them are carnival barkers, attention whores, liars, thieves, ideologues… or those who wish to serve ideologues. With the same self-serving ideologies at the direct expense of the people. They are in the venting anger, and suppressing righteous indignation business. So if you want the truth. Go to God! Go  to yourselves, cause that is the only place you’re gonna find any real truth. But, man, your never gonna get any truth from us… We’ll lie like hell. We’ll tell you that Gold and Silver and firearms are gonna save your from unlimited government. We’ll tell you that the monetary system that controls wealth and the “free market” that destroys wealth is creating unlimited freedom and opportunity, when it in fact, destroys it. We’ll tell you that politicians are the answer, and that radio show hosts or tv personalities who read scripts from their producers and are responsible to the heads of corporations really care about you, and YOUR personal freedom, while they push products on you, crying poverty while they live in mansions and estates with security isolating them from their people, the public. We’ll tell you that you don’t have to do anything because the son of a politician is going to do all of it for you, even though he can’t convince his own fellow politicians to put their interests aside for his–I mean YOURS. We’ll tell you that God will save you when the church uses God to rob you and call you not worthy of love and compassion because you believe in the wrong one, or don’t believe in one at all. We’ll tell you that money will make you happy, that having a house and two kids and a corporate sponsored and pre-approved anti-education is the key to upward mobility, when now all it is, is a sentence to debt slavery, and indentured servitude, to the big corporations, at the direct expense of your personal freedom and liberty. And if that’s not enough, there is enough sex, drugs, and new stuff to buy every year to fill that empty hole where your soul used to be. And if it doesn’t, well buddy, we got a pill for that, too!

We deal in illusions, man… NONE of it is real, and is truth! But YOU people sit there, day after day, night after night, all ages, colors, creeds.. we’re all you know. Your confused between the unreality of life, and the myths that we use to explain the harshness of  life, and your beginning to think your own lives, and ideas, and human needs  are not real. You do whatever ideology you pick tells you to do, you listen to whatever they tell you,  and you watch whatever they tell you, you vote and give money for whoever they tell you, you justify people’s failures, hardship’s and successes by their adherence to a particular ideology. This is mass madness… you maniacs! In God’s name YOU people are what is REAL! Everything else is an illusion!

So turn off and tune out all the people telling you what to think, and what to do… Turn them off and leave them off, listen to yourselves for once… Turn them OFF!

“Last night I got up here and asked you people to stand up and fight for your heritage, and you did, and it was beautiful. Six million telegrams were received at the White House. The Arab takeover of CCA has been stopped. The people spoke, the people won. It was a radiant eruption of democracy. But I think that was it, fellas. That sort of thing is not likely to happen again. Because at the bottom of all our terrified souls, we know that democracy is a dying giant, a sick, sick dying, decaying political concept, writhing in its final pain. I don’t mean that the United States is finished as a world power. The United States is the richest, the most powerful, the most advanced country in the world, light-years ahead of any other country. And I don’t mean the Communists are gonna take over the world, because the Communists are deader than we are.

What is finished is the idea that this great country is dedicated to the freedom and flourishing of every individual in it. It’s the individual that’s finished. It’s the single, solitary human being that’s finished. It’s every single one of you out there that’s finished. Because this is no longer a nation of independent individuals. It’s a nation of some two hundred odd million transistorized, deodorized, whiter-than-white, steel-belted bodies, totally unnecessary as human beings and as replaceable as piston rods.

Well, the time has come to say is ‘dehumanization’ such a bad word?’ Whether it’s good or bad, that’s what is so. The whole world is becoming humanoid, creatures that look human but aren’t. The whole world, not just us. We’re just the most advanced country, so we’re getting there first. The whole world’s people are becoming mass-produced, programmed, numbered, insensate things.” Howard Beale — Network.

These two speeches, the first put into my own voice, and the second coming directly from the Howard Beale character from “Network” underline how a noble man, such as Michael Ruppert could choose to end his own life, after spending the vast majority of it, trying in vain to save humanity from itself.

We all do it. Those of us with conscience. We try to understand why what is happening that is affecting our daily lives can occur, and how to change it for the better. Knowledge is a curse. And the thirst for knowledge perhaps, the greatest curse of all. Because it is insatiable. And as soon as things begin to make sense, you realize the awesome responsibility that comes with that. The knowledge that a system of scientific oppression is controlling the masses and that people who care enough to attempt to understand it, have the crushing, overwhelming burden to not only tell it to the people, but to get them to try to understand it, and ally with others who will do the same, so that there will be enough people to change it. And save many from a fate, with no future… No future for any of us, except servitude to the existing social and political order of our time.

I didn’t agree with Mike on everything. But I knew where he was coming from, had reasons to believe what he did and what he advocated, and acknowledged that whatever he believed was tried by fire, that for being a whistleblower against corruption in his own department the LAPD, against corruption within our own government, and the collusion of that corruption with multinational corporations who benefit in this economic model they created, off of the misery and shortages of resources, and knowledge, and the elimination of opportunities that come with that.

I could understand, how a lifetime of beating your head against the wall, being the first man, out of the foxhole, and getting bloody, time and time again, takes everything out of you. And by the end you realize maybe the only REAL choice, any of us has left, is how we choose to go out of this sick, and twisted unreality that is everyday life.

That I can understand….


I cannot…

Well, I can understand the logic of it, by understanding the need to defend the self-professed, self fulfilling ideology… But STILL…

“Obtuse… a distinct… difference in his perspective….we libertarians… take (his message) with a bit of a warning.. he was steeped in conspiracy theories… (like 911? just like you Adam?) “There are a lot of people who get caught up in the worst intricacies and conspiracies of government, the evils and get caught up in that. It’s very easy to get pessimistic… it’s very easy to think we are at some kind of end time… it’s very tempting to lose hope… “OMG I don’t know what I’m doing fighting back against this, I mean what’s the point?” If you SO misinterpret the facts before us, that you can not step back and see the big picture… that is human evolution… humanity marches on, things get better… thriving, despite recent setbacks… we are on a path to achieve a voluntary stateless society. If you just turn away from that slightly and say if we don’t do this now, it’s gonna be a thousand years of darkness… and this will fail… I see people going from (one extreme) to the other and it’s so dangerous… I’ve determined that being alive is worthwhile, not something to squander in negativity and obsessing over this… For all of the great work that he did, it would appear that this one great idea was missing… I would hope that you would join me in embracing it and saying that one way or another, sticking around to see what happens is going to be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience… if you can choose to be free and live happy.”

You tell me what Adam, steeped in ideology here, is missing… from the big picture. And Mr. Ruppert’s noble example.

What if you spent your life fighting corruption and sacrificed your family, your career, your ability to be listened to, by the segment of the audience willing to listen to you, because you don’t like the BS from people in that segment of your community (being the truth-telling outcast community) that further isolates you, among those already isolated, and targeted, such as yourself.

What if at the end of all of this… All your work, did little to empower anyone, and escape this hell you have found, and those who would have been empowered made a conscious decision, to NOT do anything. Not question the system. Not work to find alternatives. Not seek out others to have a say in what those alternatives should be, and instead pick amongst the least of the worst, to give you a little less freedom and a little more tyranny, and loss of prosperity and opportunity that comes from that. Because in the end, that is all we are fighting for. The opportunity to have freedom and liberty, and the right to self-determination and to decide in what world we choose to live in. And if we are lucky, when to choose to not live in, any longer, if we see fit.

This principle that Adam is trying to “save the freedom and liberty movement” from with his atrociously titled: ” Adam’s message for Libertarians COURTESY of Michael Ruppert” IS by very definition the very principle of absolute freedom and personal liberty.

Now my message to you, is that you can decide for yourself, just like Adam, just like the rest of us, who fall into the political game, the money game, the wealth game, the justice game, or what have you, just what those words mean to you. But you DON’T get to do that for somebody…. ANYBODY else. Certainly NOT after they are dead! And that by their own choice.

“But how are we going to do anything to stand up to the powers that be, if we are not unified?” Well… we as individuals and as communities of such individuals get to decide that for ourselves. That is liberty. Now if people want socialized health care, establishment serving anti-education, wellness in the name of chemical lobotomy and atrocity, and to be protected from themselves… they can choose that for themselves… They can organize and be free to join their own collective. But they cannot take money from you, and draft you, and subject you to the will of that collective, without your own free will….

And they do have it… as long as you consent TO it.

If you do not stand up and oppose force enacted against those without means and in need, from those with means, and without need or disparity or scarcity, then the list of victims of that existing social and political order of the day continues… and one day, if not already will include you… and everyone you know. Because the only ideas that must be mandatory, are those the people as a rule cannot be “trusted” to impose upon themselves. This applies to all of the incursions against free will. The draft, taxes, alcohol, drugs, consensual sexual behavior, the freedom to write, to speak, to assemble, the right to petition for redress of grievances, to set the agenda, to spend your money or not spend money as you see fit.. ALL OF IT is fine. As long as the order is only asked of those who consent to it. And not imposed upon those who do not.

Our silence over injustice, over dehumanization, over the robbing and raping of the people’s resources, the right to be truly educated to think, to create, and to be able to trade or engage in voluntary contract to exchange such resources so that one may have the ability to preserve and to sustain their own life, and the lives of others… That has led us to where we are today. Much more than the decision of a man, tired of beating his head against the wall, and fighting the people he is attempting in vain to save, while also keeping those attempting to silence him permanently, from doing so, at the risk of something arbitrarily called “the Liberty movement” by self-professed members and experts of what “freedom and liberty” mean at the personal risk of their self professed ideology, that already serves to divide people onto the whims of some hierarchy, instead of reach out to embrace them on their own human needs and terms.

This incident is very ugly. And it is a hallmark example of why, we the “freedom loving people” of the “Freedom Movement” be it Ron Paul’s version, Rand Paul’s version, or Adam Kokesh’s version never have any mass success at accomplishing more than what we already have, and are apparently satisfied to have.

People who do the grunt work and take the abuse and sacrifice their lives so that people can learn of how they are being exploited and drafted to carry out that exploitation in perpetuity are sacrificed and their sacrifices are minimized and put in vain. And that is cloaked in language such as being “obtuse extremist, and are obsessed with conspiracies and negativity and not choosing to be happy.”

Well Shit! That is where the “Freedom movement” is now… at this moment and time…

Are you fucking kidding me…

Does ANYBODY here understand the concept OF the word freedom or liberty. And what that means? You can choose or not choose to do something. And choose to live your own life how you see fit. And that is fine. But you cannot impose ANY of it, upon other people or draft others against their will, to do so.

Ironically Adam here is practicing the very anti-liberty that he despises. Just like Rand Paul. The Ron Paul Campaign. The Monetaryist Gold and Silver theocrats, and the rest of the founded and unfounded conspiracy theorists that all serve to attack those who disagree with them, or have yet to be able or willing to come to a similar understanding, as their primary concern, is just sustaining their current quality of life, in the game with diminishing returns.

Progress does not come in such ways. Only division does. And it insults the memory and sacrifice of truly great men like Ruppert who stood up to the Head of the CIA, and put his life in his own hands to stand up to corruption his entire freaking life. If nothing else that man has a right to decide for himself if he should end it, and no other.

But to turn that principle into a cautionary tale to what happens to you, if you escape a or any prescribed ideology or orthodoxy, then you have gone beyond the pale. And turned into that which is proudly Anti-Liberty, in the name of upholding it.

That is not going to invite or welcome anyone to take, carry and defend that flag, unto the death. Certainly not,  if in death such ways in which you choose to defend and carry out your personal liberty is transformed into a cautionary tale to do nothing less than the exact opposite.

RIP Michael Ruppert. If there is a God, my spiritual brother and fighter for liberty, may be at peace and safe from  the torments of his tormentors, and the torments of the unrelenting personal sacrifice for the cause of human freedom and liberty for everyone. That those of us with a conscience, and our duty must carry on with, every minute of every day… until our last one.

You will be missed, but never forgotten…

Peace be unto you, my brother…

In true freedom and liberty.

No exceptions, no exclusions.

No one left behind.









Why Getting Money Out Of Politics Won’t Work (The Distinction Of Money & Power)

Why Getting Money Out Of Politics Won’t Work (The Distinction Of Money & Power).

Why Getting Money Out Of Politics Won’t Work (The Distinction Of Money & Power)

You hear it from time to time. “We need to get the money out of politics!”

Sometimes you even hear another… “We need a Constitutional Convention to…. (limit government and make them follow the Constitution!)


Has anybody taken the time to actually THINK about this.

Why do you think there is such a clamor in the media for such actions?

Am I REALLY expected to believe now the left gives a damn about the advance of personal liberty and rights, at the expense of corporate liberty (and rights), while at the same time working to redefine what those rights even are?

Think about it. “We” got Campaign Finance Reform passed. All it did was serve to cut off citizen groups, audit them, harass them into shutting down or being muted. While corporations were exempt. And record campaign contributions, regulated and not flooded their coffers. And the corporate interests lobbyists, even got to write the law themselves and get their rep. (I mean “YOUR” rep) to enact it.

What do you honestly think is going to happen with getting money out of politics?

They will get it out, all right. That’s for sure.

But what does it matter who is giving the money when the financial and corporate class get’s to appoint their representatives to run and be elected TO congress? People like Former NJ Governor Jon Corzine. People who go from administration to administration, like Goldman Sachs Robert Rubin. You think money is the problem?

Hell no.

It’s ideological.

They believe in freedom of capital and of those of means, to be protected from those without means.

Just like Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged.

The system exists to allow those with means to have the rights and privileges of such.

To influence policy.

Orchestrate trade and commerce to create wealth and abundance, and use of resources, and have further the right to cultivate those resources into products and services that can be brought to market. Guaranteeing the most profit, while also ensuring those profits are protected through heavy regulations for their competitors, and lax regulations for themselves.

Wait it gets better.

The policymaker who didn’t just happen to go to the same schools as the corporate executives, the one who wants to look out for his constituents… he has to capitulate to this, because if he fights back, he is perceived by the corporations and the corporate media as “Anti-growth, anti-capitalist, even communist.”  Well then, I guess better to be a corporate fascist, and allow big corporations to buy and own 90 of American media. Everything we read in a paper, see on tv, hear on the radio is created, distributed, and preached to the point of exhaustion, to make sure that those with means and unfettered access, continue to  profit off of our natural resources..  and the people who depend on them for their existence; This is seen as virtuous. And anyone who dares to question this, is nothing short of an absolute traitor, and the worse deviant or social pariah. Hell, we even blame those pariahs for the inequality of this system, and tell them they just are jealous or hateful of those who are successful, and want to punish them. But who is really punishing the people here? The activists outsiders, or the realpolitik insiders?

Last I looked the people were not asking to pay the cost of the failure of the fascist alliance, when it comes to oil spills, undeclared wars, financial bailouts after the money was hoarded and confiscated from the lower classes to the highest class, and then that theft acted as a down payment for the next blank check for even more transfer of wealth from the underclass to the super-class, to ensure “they” were solvent… again, at the market’s, I mean–People’s expense.

Nowadays you go to an Ivy League school because your parents did. Even if you can’t hack it with the books. You join your fraternity. You “graduate” or your parents write a check, whatever. Then you get a plush job on Wall St. There you strategize and devise new criminal ways to game the system to create wealth on the basis of perception instead of production. Working hard, to you is attending meetings, having parties, and rubbing elbows with the wealth class. You brag about how good you are. Especially to the media. You pay for marketing and advertising. People become aware of you and your claims. Because somebody in a suit on tv, on a corporate owned finance network show, or the corporate owned nightly cable news says you are worth a damn, the public believes the same. And begins to invest in you, and your company.

But when the numbers finally come out, and the depth of the fraud is  revealed, your employees lose their jobs. Your stockholders lose their savings. (Well at least those who weren’t in on the conference calls) And maybe, somebody goes to jail in a minimum security prison for rich people, or rehab. Or if you are REALLY good, you get to pay the government a fine, and/or donate to somebody’s campaign and their lackeys, to receive a FULL pardon.

Do you really think it’s a question of money, here?

Do you really think that the people who attend meetings with the elite of the elites, do it, because they can get some money out of it. Maybe. But they can’t get anything out of it, without falling into the same ideologies, the same belief systems and values, or lack thereof. That is why getting money out of politics won’t do a damn thing to change the policy.

The policymakers go there TO enact those policies. Hell, most of them have to be rich and fund their campaigns to get there. You think Corzine cared about money when he was pushing for lax regulation on the financial sector. He was already rich. He, like they had a shared interest in freeing up capital and the means to create it, from the people and the market, and keep it for themselves, and those who enable them. In this case his colleagues.

So money in and of itself means NOTHING! Sorry Occupy! Sorry Dylan Ratigan! Getting money out of politics, like campaign finance reform will do absolutely NOTHING! to empower anyone EXCEPT those who are already empowered,  namely the wealth class and agents of such.

History teaches us nothing less.

Now others on the other side of the political spectrum are asking for a Constitutional Convention to make laws to make the government or lawmakers, subject to their own laws, and held accountable under the law for not following the US Constitution.

The theory here is that since the current Constitution seemingly is ineffective at making the government carry it out, and follow it, that well that same government has to fix it or even make a new Constitution that they WILL follow.

Um, just how in the hell is that supposed to work?

So, once this Convention has begun with the  states… is it just limited to states and how they are subject to rule by the federal government,  and limited to the role and responsibilities of a Senator or Congressman? Nope!

They can get in a meeting, and make motions to make that which is unlawful, lawful. They can even create new laws!

Like making healthcare a right! And making the government’s right to tax to provide for such a right, permanent!

Oh sure, they will tell you they will use the new authority to rid the land of Obamacare… But then they would have to answer to their donors from the insurance industry, banking industry, investment class, and shareholders, and stockholders, and since they need money from one, and votes from the other to keep their own privileges and self-created exemptions, you can bet Joe Sixpack, aint got any say in that room!

Hell they can even say that our trade laws must be in harmony with the UN and foreign trade laws. In order to be “more fair” and allow for the free flow of capital, and that rising tide will lift all boats, globally.” Who is going to stop them? It certainly isn’t you. You get to FIND OUT what they decide AFTER they do. And after they get told from the interests they are serving, TO do.

Human rights? Forget it.

With the liquidation of money, and the universal need to transform rights for the many into the privileges for the few, you will see land reform, speech codes, educational reform worse than it already is or isn’t… to put it bluntly.

Health care privatized, while free will will be suspect and criminalized.

Think about it.

How many decisions do you make in your daily life, that are truly yours?

Do you have a say in what things cost?

In what services you will pay for, and at what rate?

Do you have a say with your employer as to your work and what you are paid for. Or does the union act on your behalf and TELL YOU, what they will do “for you” whether you like it or not?

Do you have a say how your child is educated? Fed? Disciplined? Protected on school grounds? What they will be subjected to by the staff, private volunteers, let alone their own peers?

Do you have a say in what is “news” and what isn’t? What is worthy entertainment and what is obscene and inherently offensive to yourself and the community in which you live?

Do you have a say in how your personal resources are used, and not used? Let alone a say in how those public resources are used and not used?

I don’t mean in generalities, I mean daily!

Do YOU have a say, in ANY of this?

Well if not you, then WHO does…

People with means who draft people with similar means, and the same ideologies to create wealth, rights and privileges to create unlimited prosperity at the expense of those without it.

What good is taking money out, if they are just gonna do the same thing anyway?

What good is having them write ANOTHER document or edit the current one, to see to it, that all of the illegal acts and actions they are currently doing, remain so, and that some of what you can do, that is not yet illegal MUST be made so. In order to transfer wealth and use of public resources from you, over to them… In perpetuity.

What the hell are you arguing about and clamoring for? More of the same, on steroids?

Then why don’t you step back, take a deep breath and take an inventory of where we are, how we got here, and how putting faith in others to do more of the same, is going to do a damn thing different from it has since our countries inception.

You can’t solve problems with the same thinking, and mechanisms that created and enabled them in the first place.

You have to do something different.

Trying to remake the present is as foolish and trying to remake the past.

The only way the present doesn’t become our future is if we deviate from the past that took us there.

We need to find new ideas and eschew the same old voices, with the same old thinking, that have left us with the same old problems, with the same old solutions that come at our expense and the benefit of themselves.

Money is NOT the problem…

Politics is NOT the problem…

The people worshiping those with money and allowing them the privilege to solve their problems,  and using politics to get away with it IS the problem.

No politician is going to give you power…. You have to give you power. And make sure that power is extended to everyone, with NO exceptions.

That is freedom…

That is liberty…

That is justice…

No exceptions.

No rulers.

That, my friend is the blessings of autonomy…


Can you handle that?

Ok, well… then, how about YOU defend it!!!














Assuming The Worst Case Scenario… What IS Victory?

Assuming The Worst Case Scenario… What IS Victory?.